Each workshop is a blend of stretchs, asanas, pranayama, concentration/meditation and deep relaxation to support and strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Our goal is to bring the practice of yoga and meditation to people of different walks of life and teach them tools to become a happier individual leading to a happier and more compassionate society.




Yoga is more than an exercise to tone muscles. Gurumahan says Yoga is a way life. Yoga means to re-unite, re-join, re-merge with the nature or supreme energy. Yoga re-aligns the body, mind, intellect and soul helloing the practitioner lead a happy and peaceful life.

Every yogic practice brings different benefits, from calming the brain, energizing the body, improving digestion, strengthening arms and legs to improving high blood pressure. The practice of yoga as a whole, provides many more benefits than you might think.

UPF California conducts various yoga and meditation classes to provide and enhance your inner peace.


Hear What Others Say About Us

  • Before I practiced Kundalini yoga, I had difficulty sitting still to mediate but after practicing KY for one month, I was able to sit calmly and meditate. I feel the benefits of meditating regularly in my daily life, lowered stress and anxiety levels. I have noticed that my body feels different, less balanced, when I skip my mediation routine.
  • I have attended a Yoga and meditation session, then felt very good energy all over the body with the vibrations around Sahasrara and Aagneya Chakras. I thank you for the prayer done for health, peace, and well-being during the Velvi and beyond.
    Matrika Bhattarai
    Hardware Engineer
  • My journey with UPFNA last 3 years has been instrumental in changing my life. Physically, I’ve seen a lot of changes like glowing skin, toned muscles, better hair growth, improved digestion and weight loss. Meditation has improved my focus and has helped to fight negative thoughts. The kundalini meditation sessions with Gurumahan and wisdom teachers were very peaceful and is a great tool to explore oneself. Overall, I’ve had a very positive and peaceful experience and wish to continue with UPFNA for the rest of my life.
    software engineer