Universal Peace Foundation of North America is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to promote global peace by fostering individual transformation through the practice of Kundalini Meditation and inner peace.

UPFNA was founded in 2005 and started operating in California since 2011. The ultimate aim of the organization is to spread the universal peace through individual peace/inner peace by practicing the Kundalini Meditation. When an individual is peaceful within, the family is happy. When families are happier, the society, nation and gradually the whole world becomes peaceful and blissful.

We offer various programs and workshops to provide individuals with tools and methods to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being. Our regular meditation sessions offer participants with an opportunity to explore and deepen their experience of inner peace. The activities are shaped to take care of an individual right from the womb. Family Yoga (Parent and Me Yoga), kids yoga classes for the young kids (ages 6-14), Kundalini Yoga introductory classes and Yoga Dharana (Concentration technique) classes for the beginners, Special Yoga and Meditation Workshops for beginners and advanced practitioners.

UPFNA Volunteer TEAM


About Universal Peace Foundation (India)

UNIVERSAL PEACE FOUNDATION (UPF) was founded in India in 1994 in the Thirimudu Hills. Since its inception, Universal Peace Foundation has been developing and adopting proven methodologies of Yoga, Pranayama and Kundalini Meditation to bring about individual transformation and inner peace. Under the blissful guidance of Gurumahan Jegathguru, Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar qualified wisdom teachers to provide customized classes and social programs to various sectors of the community and improving each individual's quality of life.

Universal Peace Foundation offers various signature in-house programs such as Mahashakthi Yogam, Kundalini Yoga Initiation, Advanced Kundalini Meditation and retreats to provide introspect and access to higher levels of consciousness.