Universal Peace Foundation of North America - California (UPFNA) is dedicated to promote global peace by fostering individual transformation through the practice of Kundalini Meditation and inner peace.

We offer various programs and workshops to provide individuals with tools and methods to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being. Our regular meditation sessions offer participants with an opportunity to explore and deepen their experience of inner peace.

About UPF

UPF was founded in 1994 by Jagat Mahaguru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan, Guru Mahan, for the purpose of spreading Universal Peace through Individual Peace. UPF strives to achieve that goal by teaching various community and in-house programs, retreats to provide introspect, and access to higher levels of consciousness.

UPF offers comprehensive programs designed by GuruMahan to teach individuals ancient yogic methods tailored to our modern way of life.These techniques help address physical health, mental wellness, and intellectual strength. They promote inner transformation, allow individuals to achieve their highest potential, and bring harmony through individual and global peace.