Jeeva Raksha teaches a simple 10 min daily practice for detoxing, de-stressing, and rejuvenating. You will start fresh into every day.

The title of the technique is derived from Jeeva, which means life force, and Raksha, meaning protection. The Jeeva Raksha Yoga workshop was designed by Guru Mahan and has been taught across the US, Europe, and Asia. The methods taught are based on techniques used by ancient yogis to allow for a stress free and healthy life. The method offers a great alternative to pills to get a healthy body, mind, and thoughts.

The workshop presents the opportunity to understand the composition of the human body, and the art of balancing the tri-doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). The three doshas are based on the five basic elements and express the unique blends of physical, emotional and mental characteristics. The goal is to eliminate unwanted impurities/toxins accumulated in our modern lifestyle and as a consequence of environmental changes and offer simple stress-releasing techniques that easily can be practiced in a few minutes every day.


Introduction On Jeeva Raksha Course

Rajendra Prasad

Oncologist - Los Angeles, CA

My sleep has improved, my lower back pain has reduced, my tummy is receding, and I have more energy.

Shanti Shree

Dentist - Newark, CA

I feel energetic through out the day, even when I don't sleep much the prior night. My back pain, caused by a slip disk has magically reduced after regular practice of Jeeva Raksha

Sindhu Bethur

Engineer - Newark, CA

I've been observing a lot of change with respect to sleep, energy levels, skin texture, and complexion. I have more energy during my yoga classes. My under eye dark circles have lightened, my tummy fat has reduced, and my recurring migraines have vanished.

Lalita Aryal

Since I've started practicing Jeeva Raksha, my focus has improved and more positivity has been coming into my life.

Seema Gurung

My mom noticed that I've stopped snoring completely! I give Jeeva Raksha all the credit in me helping me with this.


Home Maker - San Diego, CA

I'm a new mom with twins who are 10 months old. I'm often tired and stressed taking care of two kids all day. After attending Jeeva Raksha, I feel energized and my stress levels have dropped drastically. After completing practice sessions, I feel like I've slept an entire day. I'm happy to have found a solution to manage physical and mental stress.