Regardless of our age or stage, yoga meets us where we're at. For children, Yoga can help develop their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Their concentration can improve along with their ability to relax and feel calm, which helps them to cope with the conflict and stress of an increasingly hectic world.

More than being just great exercise, Yoga is a way of life that teaches Kids the ancient system of practice which focuses postures/asanas along with healthy food styles for the body, breathing & relaxation techniques for the mind, concentration exercises for the intellect and meditation for the soul. It encourages kids to play, connect more deeply with their inner self, and develop a receptive relationship to the natural world around them. It encourages self-esteem and body awareness, and fosters cooperation and compassion, instead of competition.

Yoga helps our little ones to explore the ethics of "Yamas" (healthy, loving attitudes & values) with teenagers learning to apply Yoga's ancient wisdom to modern-day life challenges. Teaches awareness in decision-making and choices where an internal compass could be challenged or compromised.

Through Yoga, children can discover how unique, worthy, and complete they are. They learn to care for their bodies with Yoga when they are young, and start developing healthy habits, which will serve them all lifelong.

We are excited to collaborate with Universal Peace Foundation, India and invite senior Kids Yoga teacher who has several years experience training kids, teens and youth . Modern technology has enabled us to receive this ancient Yogic technology staying 8,000 miles away on the other side of the globe from the comfort of our home.


General Instructions

  • Download the Zoom app from the App store or Android store on your preferred device like Phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Use a device with a big screen like Laptop or Airplay to TV for better engagement with the teacher.
  • Choose a private room in your house to stay focused and connected.
  • MUTE your microphone as soon as you join, you are welcome to unmute and ask questions.
  • Turning ON video is MANDATORY so the teacher gets to check and provide personal attention
  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably sweatshirts & pants that enable your body to move freely
  • Carry all the required items like yoga mat, nose tissues & water bottle to your practice area. Avoid going out of the practice area.
  • Plan to have a drink like milk/ coffee or dinner at least 1 hour before the session.


Aug 17th to 21st, 11:00 to 12:00 AM Easter time /
        8:00 to 9:00AM Pacific time (ENROLLING NOW)

Aug 5th to 9th, 4:00 to 5:00 PM Pacific time

Group Size

Max 15


  • Age 6 -12


$40 for first kid, sibling $20 (50% Off)