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  • April 17 - 19

Kundalini meditation releases blocks, stimulates circulation and balances the glandular system. The result is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure magnifying the vital energy in every cell of the body. By strengthening the 72,000 nadis of the body, the body, mind and soul are brought into balance. Nadis are pathways or channels of prana in the system, they do not have physical manifestation.

Inner Awakening is a transformational spiritual energy transfer from an experienced teacher/guru to an initiate to enhance the flow of one’s vital energy. The Inner Awakening process awakens and raises the Kundalini energy within. The process is performed over a 21-day period in three stages. During the Inner Awakening ceremony the initiate’s life force is brought from the base of the spine (Mooladhara) upward through the central canal of the spinal cord (sushumna nadi) to the forehead eye (Ajna) and to the top head eye (Sahasrara ) by the grace of an experienced spiritual instructor.

The process marks the 'initiation' or “awakeness” to new perceptions and triggers a desire within oneself to discover new things.

Inner Awakening consists of 3 stages (centers of concentration)

Duration of taking Inner Awakening

The process of learning kundalini meditation takes 21 days.

The first stage of Inner Awakening is taken on day 1, second stage on day 14, and third stage is on day 21. The inner awakening will be taken directly from Guru or a Kundalini Meditation master (GnanaAsiriyar) from UPF California/ UPF. Inner Awakening will occur after the Kundalini Yoga class or during Kundalini yoga beginners course.

After Inner Awakening

Practice Kundalini meditation regularly for at least for 15 minutes daily (preferably twice a day). UPF California offers regular Group and Family yoga or meditation classes. Please join and enhance your practice.

UPF California also offers other workshops to enrich your Meditation and understanding and practice of yoga. After continuous practice of Kundalini Meditation for more than 6 months, you are eligible to participate in the “ Intensive Kundalini Meditation Course” conducted only by Guru MahaMaharishi Paranjothiyar.

The course is offered at UPF California once a year or you can attend this course in UPF, India (please check the course details in India at www.universalpeacefoundation.org. )

This course can help one to go deeper in to meditation and realize oneself more. With the regular and sincere practice of Kundalini meditation, one is eligible to take Kundalini Mediation Master course. After completing the course, he will be able to teach this Kundalini yoga to help others to reach higher experiences and knowledge.

Your Mind, Free Your Body With Inner Awakening

Benefit Of Kundalini Meditation

The biggest benefit of Kundalini Meditation is stimulation of good thoughts in one ’s mind.

The Intensive Kundalini Meditation Course helps practitioners achieve a deeper meditation level. With regular and sincere practice of Kundalini meditation, practitioners are eligible to take the Kundalini Mediation Master course and be able to teach Kundalini yoga to help others reach higher experiences and knowledge.