Why meditation is important to improve focus

An artist, a working professional, a student or a sportsman, irrespective of your field of expertise, your performance and ability to learn new things will ultimately depend on your ability to focus.

Irrespective of the talent and expertise, life throws in surprises and for this set of people, the biggest challenge could be losing focus. There are times when the ability to focus is affected and it may last for a few days, weeks or even months. The endless demands of our time and stresses tell on our concentration power. This takes a toll on overall performance and, in turn, affects our sense of well-being.

Many people struggle with focusing and there are different reasons for it. It could be tiredness, apathy, disinterest, anxiety, stress among others. The lack of focus predominantly originates from a scattered and restless mind. How can you train your mind to improve focus

Focus is an inbuilt natural function. It is possible to enhance it naturally simply by relaxing the mind. While you may have personal choices to relax your mind, it may or may not necessarily sustain focus. To sustain focus, it is imperative to relax the mind through meditation. This simple practice has many benefits, and its by-products include improved concentration, enhanced memory, and clarity among others.

Several studies have shown that regular practice of meditation can help increase and sustain attention span. It helps to relax the mind enabling you to stay in the present. A study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that those participants who practiced meditation were better at completing tasks when faced with distraction. We often hear that meditation requires concentration. But, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar counters, “Meditation is de-concentration. Alertness and focus of mind are the results of regular meditation practice.”